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This newly constructed Edwardian-style family home in the heart of Cambridge cleverly combines traditional aesthetics with modern living standards. Key elements such as natural lighting, tall ceilings, large windows all in a strong local ‘Newnham’ Edwardian architectural vernacular were essential parts of the brief.

The house stands tall using simple, but carefully chosen, traditional materials of slate and red brick. The brick is laid in a lime-based mortar in an English Cross bond. This traditional choice is complemented by the large, painted timber windows and doors all to emphasise the classic Edwardian look.


With its mature vegetation, the south-facing garden provides a picturesque backdrop to the well-proportioned elevation overlooking University playing fields beyond the garden. This façade features a triple gable with large feature windows and a traditional full width veranda that adds to the aesthetic appeal but also reduces the possibility of overheating during the increasingly hot summer months.

Inside, the home is full of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere when transitioning between cooking, dining and living areas all of which surround a double height entrance hall with an elegant stairs and galleried landing. This design results in a bright, modern, and family-oriented home that beautifully integrates 21st-century comforts with the timeless elegance of the traditional local Edwardian architecture.


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