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The Croft is a new-build 5 bedroom eco-house located in the village of Little Abington.  The striking staggered gabled design was derived out of respect for the beautiful mature Chestnut tree within the front of the plot.  The variety of external materials help to both express this consideration and visually break-down the overall mass of the building.

The Croft stands as an exemplar for sustainable building design.   The structural fabric is almost completely air-tight and extremely well insulated, very little energy is needed to heat in the winter.  The sliding doors, serving the open-plan Kitchen / Dinning area are north-facing to reduce solar heat gain.  The front, south-facing glazed areas have integrated canopies providing solar shading, meaning the property remains cool in the summer.


The detached family home comprises of an entirely pre-fabricated timber frame super-structure, and is packed full of renewable energy technologies, including a huge PV solar array providing power to an Air Source Heat Pump and home battery power storage system.



Award-winning architects London Cambridge residential offering a personalised sustainable service
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