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Having occupied 4 former dwellings on Alma Road for some years, Beggars Records sought input from Snell David on a programme of refurbishment and re-organisation following the successful completion of their record archive some years earlier. The challenge for Snell David and Beggars was to develop a coherent spatial proposal to deliver a modern open plan office environment with understated urban interiors which could accommodate the department structure and staff numbers.


The proposals sought to open up the plan across the 4 dwellings and creating greater connection between spaces at upper floors to allow the ‘record label’ department structure to be retained within the Beggars Group. Practical considerations of maintaining business operations meant a phased construction strategy was developed according to the works and their nature, whilst providing sufficient remaining space for staff.


The building services were split into numerous areas and had been amended and repaired over a number of years. A complete reinstallation of all heating and electrical works provided underfloor heating, floor boxes to suit desk arrangements and a modern lighting scheme. Visually a new series of ‘shopfront’ glazed elements provide an modern urban front and a new face to the business within the street. A ‘concrete’ reception desk and rear glass screen provides a stylish entrance into the Beggars environment. Behind, engineered timber flooring runs throughout the new office space providing a connected surface between the newly opened up office spaces.


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