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This is a project of two parts; comprising a sensitive renovation and internal reconfiguration of an original detached Arts and Crafts family home, and a contemporary expansion of the ground floor Kitchen and Dining spaces out into the rear garden. With form very much following function, the north-facing rear extension is dissected into two adjoining modules shaped to reach out and capture direct sunlight funnelled through angled rooflights.  The rooflights point east for the morning light into the Kitchen, and west to soak-up the warm evening light into the Dining Area.


The angular forms are scaled proportionally to the functions they host and are positioned centrally on the original symmetrical rear elevation.  Upon entering the front door there is a clear view through the entire sequence of interior spaces, the old, the new and to the beautiful gardens beyond, 


Natural standing seam Zinc cladding is used to wrap around the angular walls and roof forms and has been meticulously detailed and crafted to conceal gutters and rainwater pipes within the structure. The sleek and clean finish of the Zinc is complimented by beautiful long Belgian bricks, matching the rustic red tones of the original house, which help to root the building to the ground and articulate a striking chimney that rises through the west elevation.


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