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Street Farm, is an elegant old farmhouse set towards the edge of the quiet Cambridgeshire village of Weston Colville and dates back to the 17th century. However, the property is not listed and the previous owners have made many changes including a large rear two storey extension. Nevertheless, with our clients as the new owners, it was recognised that the house needed general updating and refurbishment throughout as well as a large family kitchen with cooking, eating and sitting areas.


As a result of the previous extensions, the first floor layout was very awkward and dark with a great deal of wasted space. This was reconfigured to create a more sensible arrangement around a larger brighter landing.


The existing kitchen had a monopitch extension which did not work well and created very low eaves so in order to create the new large family kitchen which was hoped for, this was removed to make way for a larger contemporay extension which could open up to an existing, small snug. Although sizeable and essential to create the large family space which embraces the garden, the new extension is very submissive and does not compete with the remainder of the existing house. The ‘service’ areas of the house adjacent to the kitchen were also rearranged to form a new boot / dog room, larder and family lavatory.


The adjacent Coach House formed Phase 1 of the project, so that once converted, this would provide accommodation for the family during the works to the main house.


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